message on pizzeria shutter. Prosecutors are starting an inquiry into instigation of suicide over the owner's death.

Prosecutors start inquiry into instigation to suicide over restaurateur’s death


Lodi prosecutors have initiated an inquiry into allegations of instigation to suicide in connection with the tragic death of a local restaurateur. The investigation revolves around a media backlash triggered by a reportedly fake review of her pizzeria and her subsequent response.

The primary objective of the first stage of the investigation is to trace the origin of the controversial post that played a pivotal role in the unfolding events.

Giovanna Pedretti, a 59-year-old entrepreneur, is reported to have taken her own life amid escalating social media criticism. The criticism stemmed from a review by a purported ‘customer’ who complained about being seated near a gay couple and a disabled boy.

Pedretti gained praise for her assertive response, excluding the ‘customer’ from her restaurant. However, her situation took a drastic turn when various sources, including Rai3 news channel Tg3, food blogger Lorenzo Biagiarelli, and influencer/journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli, ‘exposed’ her. They alleged Pedretti had written the review herself as a publicity stunt.

Looking for source of online review

Carabinieri police are now actively working to identify the source of the online review. Their primary aim is to pinpoint the computer or smartphone responsible for originating the post.

Simultaneously, investigators are delving into the events of last Sunday morning. So far evidence suggests Pedretti slashed her wrists and tragically ended her life in the Lambro river. An autopsy will be conducted in Pavia on Wednesday.

Lucarelli receives death threats

In the aftermath of these developments, Selvaggia Lucarelli, an influencer, journalist, and TV personality, revealed threatening messages she received on social media. The messages blamer her for Pedretti’s death.

Lucarelli shared one of the menacing messages on Instagram, showing the severity of the situation. She lamented the use of Pedretti’s tragic death for personal and political gains. The influencer also expressed her concern over the malicious intentions behind such messages.

Lucarelli shared some of the threatening messages she has received following Pedretti's death.

Lucarelli also defended herself against the accusations, highlighting the broader context of the situation. She accused political rivals, colleagues, and media outlets of exploiting the tragedy for their own agendas. Furthermore, Lucarelli declared her intention to limit her online presence temporarily, opting to use only Instagram for the time being.

Family ask media to leave them alone

Pedretti’s family is urging the press to respect their privacy during this difficult time. The family, represented by lawyer Simona Callegari, requested understanding until more concrete information emerges from the ongoing investigation.

“Giovanna Pedretti’s daughter, husband and mother feel under siege, every time they leave home finding a reporter waiting for them in the street to ask questions,” said the family through its lawyer Simona Callegari.

“They are experiencing enormous pain, their request to the press is to give them a break, to respect the suffering of a family pending more solid elements from the investigation,” added Callegari.

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