Pope says church welcome LGBT Catholics

Pope says LGBT Catholics welcome


When questioned by a Jesuit priest on LGBT Catholics, the Pope says the Church does not refuse LGBT believers. A ‘selective, pure blood’ Church would be a sect says Pope Francis.

The Catholic Church does not refuse LGBT Catholics, the Holy See said on Monday.

On 5 May Father Martin, who ministers to an LGBT community, had written to the Pope in Spanish asking him to answer some questions that he is most commonly asked by LGBT Catholics and their families.

He received a hand-written response a couple of days afterward, that was published in the form of a short interview on Father Martin’s website “Outreach”.

“With respect to your questions,” the Pope wrote, “a very simple response occurs to me.”

Questions posed to the Pope

Outreach: What would you say is the most important thing for LGBT people to know about God?

Pope Francis: God is Father and he does not disown any of his children. And “the style” of God is “closeness, mercy and tenderness.” Along this path you will find God.

Outreach: What would you like LGBT people to know about the Church?

Pope Francis: I would like for them to read the book of the Acts of the Apostles. There they will find the image of the living Church.

Outreach: What do you say to an LGBT Catholic who has experienced rejection from the Church?

Pope Francis: I would have them recognise it not as “the rejection of the church,” but instead of “people in the church.” The church is a mother and calls together all her children. Take for example the parable of those invited to the feast: “the just, the sinners, the rich and the poor, etc.” [Matthew 22:1-15; Luke 14:15-24]. A “selective” church, one of “pure blood,” is not Holy Mother Church, but rather a sect.

In the past the Pope has said “who am I to judge” when referring to homosexuals. Church dogma says homosexuality is a disorder. However, non-heterosexual Catholics are allowed to practice their religion as long as they are not sexually active.

Pope receives representatives from University of Macerata

Speaking about the universe, the Pope observed that each student who crosses the threshold of, and attends, university, is, in themselves, “a universe.”

In the university, two universes meet, the Pope said: one being that of the world and of knowledge, and the other being that of man. “Not man in general, who does not exist,” the Pope clarified, “but that person, that young person,” with his or her history and personality, dreams, intellect, moral and spiritual qualities, and limitations.

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