video still of police beating transsexual

Video of police beating transsexual goes viral

By Region News North-west Italy

A video went viral in Italy showing Milan police beating a transsexual using truncheons and pepper spray. Parents had called the police saying she was bothering children at the school gates.

The video, shot by some Bocconi University students, showed the Brazilian transsexual woman being forcibly subdued by four officers on a street near the school. She was then handcuffed and dragged away.

The woman was subdued by the police after she attacked them. Parents had called them, saying she had been bothering children at the entrance to a school. The incident took place not far from the Bocconi, Milan’s most prestigious private university.

Comments on the video accused the police of heavy-handed tactics.

The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office has started investigations into the incident, “to ascertain the dynamics and possible responsibility”.

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