Pilot of a Tiger Moth suffers heart attack in air

Pilot has heart attack, lands plane, then dies

By Region News North-east Italy

During the filming of Marco Paolini’s latest film, the pilot of a Tiger Moth had a heart attack in the air. The incident happened at Romeo Sartori Aerodrome at Asiago near Vicenza.

The pilot of a Tiger Moth vintage biplane had a heart attack on Monday whilst in the air; he still managed to land the plane safely. He later died. On board with him was a cameraman taking part in the shooting of a film on the Austrian Empire’s WWI Fallen Soldier.

The pilot was 73-year-old Renato Fornaciari, originally from near Parma; he had been resident for some time in Trentino in the far northeast of Italy. The incident happened at the Romeo Sartori Aerodrome at Asiago near Vicenza in Veneto.

On-land shooting of the biplane had been postponed due to cloudy weather.

The 1930s Tiger Moth had been rented for Italian film director Marco Paolini’s latest film. Never-Never Land, the Real Story of Peter Pan´ is about an Austro-Hungarian soldier who died in the 1918 Battle of Monte Grappa. He is buried in the Cima Grappa Shrine.

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