Royal Palace of Caserta. Image: By Carlo Pelagalli, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Boom time as Palace of Caserta welcomed 80,000 visitors in August

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There were almost 80,000 visitors in August at the Royal Palace of Caserta. The complex, after registering a large turnout in June and July, saw a boom in mainly Italian tourists but also of many foreigners.

Over 46,000 people chose the complete visit, immersed in the charm of the Royal Apartments and the Royal Park, enriched by the romantic and wild views of the English Garden. 

Many opted for the evening tour (more than 3,000 tickets issued) to admire the home of the kings from 5pm onwards. About 20,000 bought the ticket for the green museum alone. The old wood, the Castelluccia, the Pineta, the waterway with its monumental fountains, the slopes and the exotic tree species of the English Garden won everybody over.

A good turnout of young visitors

Almost 7,000 people aged between 18 and 24 chose the Royal Palace of Caserta as a stop on their August holidays. Thousands of children too, many of whom have discovered the Royal Apartments thanks to the new audio guides dedicated to them. 

Visitor numbers have grown compared to the same period last year when there was already a clear recovery in tourism in the summer months after the first lockdown. The month of August 2020 closed with 73,000 entries, for a total of 158,000 with June and July compared to 170,000 in the same three months of this year.

Improvements in the pipeline

In addition to the new and articulated forms of narration aimed at expanding contents and transmitting its values, the site will speed up the reorganisation and computerisation of the access points; re-adaptation of the toilets; the redefinition of the reception areas, both of the Palace and of the Royal Park; improve accessibility of the entire Green Museum with the renovation of the avenues.

“I want to thank those who work to make the Royal Palace of Caserta an increasingly welcoming place,” said the general manager Tiziana Maffei . “Today a turning point is required in the management and enjoyment of these places that attract such a large audience from all over the world, fascinated from their history but also from their current life. We intend to offer a visit experience worthy of the prestige of the Royal Palace of Caserta. Unfortunately, despite the commendable efforts of the internal staff, concessionaires and volunteers of the Reggia Nucleus of the Carabinieri Association, our services remain undersized compared to the cultural potential of our extraordinary and unique Complex.

“An uphill path in consideration of the responsibility to make the best use of the allocated funds and the need to proceed as quickly as possible to an ordinary management based on programmed conservation and on the expansion of cultural experiences in which to merge knowledge and amazement. The next few months will be important for expanding the professional skills of the Institute and proceeding according to the priority plan we have set ourselves, to better coordinate quality reception, cultural programming and our impressive and constant construction sites. I express great satisfaction with the results achieved, the merit of which is the teamwork carried out, certain that the future holds great successes for the Royal Palace of Caserta.”

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