Constitutional reforms to be disucssed among all parties

Opposition parties called to discuss constitutional reforms


Opposition parties have been summoned to meet with PM Giorgia Meloni on Tuesday to begin discussions on proposed constitutional reforms. The idea is to introduce a semi-presidential system similar to the one in France.

The government wants to introduce a semi-presidential system similar to the one in France. The proposed reform was part of the campaign manifesto of the Meloni-led coalition for last year’s general election.

Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said on Monday the government was ready to consider input from the opposition in relation to its plans to reform the Constitution.

“As far as reforms are concerned, we want to listen to the proposals of the opposition parties,” Tajani said. “Reforms must be carried out together. “We are ready to work in parliament to ensure more stability in Italy because this means being more credible.

“We want stable governments; unstable governments are not good for the citizens”.

PD hold meeting to outline discussion points

The opposition, centre-left Democratic Party (PD) held a meeting of its secretariat on Monday. They discussed the issues and stance leader Elly Schlein should take at a meeting with Meloni on Tuesday.

“Calling the opposition to the meeting must not be allowed to distract attention from the issues that interest people and from the needs of the country – jobs, health and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan,” was the stance expressed in several of the initial speeches.

Deputy PM Tajani, had said on Sunday if the opposition say no to discussions, the government will go ahead anyway with the constitutional reforms. Then they would hold a referendum.

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