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Confindustria head says NRRP recovery plan needs revising

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The president of Italian Industry Association Confindustria has said the post-Covid National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) needs revising.

Carlo Bonomi, the president of Italian industry association Confindustria, said on Wednesday the nation’s post-COVID National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) clearly needs revision.

Under the plan, Rome is getting close to €200billion in EU grants and low-interest loans. They are for projects to make the Italian economy greener and more modern on the condition; however, Italy needs to make a long series of reforms.

“A reality check is needed,” Bonomi told RAI radio. “We designed the NRRP when the world was a different place – before the raw materials crisis, before the energy crisis, before the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“It is obvious that it will be necessary to revise in part some elements of the NRRP, even if only to address the issue of the energy crisis”.

Bonomi’s comments are in line with the stance of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. She has said Italy would negotiate “adjustments” to the NRRP with the EU to reflect the energy crisis.

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