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Summary of new measures in Italy

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Following yesterday’s Council of Ministers (CdM), there are new measures in Italy designed to curb Covid infections. Below is a summary of the key measures.

The key new measures in Italy are:

  • From 1st February, the green pass will have a duration of 6 months
  • Reduction time for the 3rd dose is down from 5 to 4 months
  • Masks are obligatory outside even in white zones
  • Obligatory to wear the Ffp2 mask in cinemas, sport events, public transport
  • It is forbidden to eat or drink in the cinema, theatre and enclosed sporting events.
  • Forbidden until 31st January: parties, events and concerts that encourage crowds in open spaces.
  • Suspended until 31st January: discos and local dancing activities.
  • Health and social care services accessible only for people vaccinated with at least 3 doses (or one dose of Janssen and a booster)
    • People who have received only 2 doses or only 1 dose of Janssen will need to show a recent negative test result.

Super Green Pass

Until 31st January, to enter bars and consume at the counter it will be necessary to show the Super Green Pass. That is the version only for those vaccinated against Covid or who have recovered from the infection. The same measure is for eating inside restaurants.

The Super Green Pass is obligatory to enter into museums, theme parks, bingo halls, play and gambling rooms, but also in museums, places of culture and exhibitions, swimming baths, gyms, team sports, spa centres, changing rooms, cultural centres, social and recreation centres.

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