Cirio who was reelected Piedmont Governor in the municipal elections

Municipal elections movers and shakers


Municipal elections across Italy brought notable victories for the centre-left, with Cagliari and Bergamo securing wins in the first round. Similarly, Pescara re-elected its incumbent centre-right mayor with a sizeable majority and Cirio returned as Piedmont Governor.

Newly re-elected Piedmont Governor Alberto Cirio remarked on Monday that his victory was not a certainty. “In Piedmont, securing a second term is never a given,” said Cirio, who triumphed over centre-left Democratic Party (PD) candidate Gianna Pentenero with approximately 53% of the vote compared to her 47%.

Reflecting on his win, Cirio noted the challenges faced by his predecessors, Mercedes Bresso and Sergio Chiamparino, both from the PD, who were successful in their first terms but not re-elected. “I believe my success comes from being a governor who connects with the people, listens to everyone, and strives to balance diverse interests.”

Cirio expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, emphasising the significance of his re-election. “I am very pleased with this result, particularly because it represents a strong confirmation of my leadership.”

Key City Outcomes

Bari and Florence are set for run-offs in the municipal elections, with centre-left candidates holding a strong lead.

In Florence, centre-left candidate Sara Funaro leads against Eike Schmidt, while in Bari, Vito Leccese of the centre-left holds a significant advantage over Fabio Romito from the centre-right. The M5S candidate, Michele La Forgia, performed well but not enough to sway the primary results.

Run-offs will also occur in Caltanissetta and Potenza.

Cagliari and Bergamo Shifts

Cagliari returned to centre-left control, with Massimo Zedda unseating the outgoing mayor Paolo Truzzu. Zedda’s win was likely bolstered by Alessandra Todde’s historic election as Sardinia’s first female president in March. Bergamo, after a decade under Giorgio Gori, remains with the centre-left, now led by Elena Carnevali.

Tight Race in Perugia

Perugia was a close contest, with the centre-left candidate Vittoria Ferdinandi nearly securing a win against the incumbent centre-right administration led by Andrea Romizi. Ferdinandi will face Margherita Scoccia of the FdI in the run-off.

Other Notable Results

Modena, Reggio Emilia, and Cesena

Centre-left candidates Massimo Mezzetti, Marco Massari, and Enzo Lattuca were elected, maintaining their municipalities’ political stance.

Ferrara and Forlì

Centre-right incumbents Alan Fabbri and Gian Luca Zattini were re-elected.


Andrea Biancani of the centre-left was reconfirmed.


Pierguido Vanalli of the League was defeated by Davide Cantù from the civic list.

Surprises and Trends

In Stazzema, the FdI emerged as the leading party, securing 33.77% of the vote. Predappio, Mussolini’s birthplace, remained centre-right.

In the European elections, the Democratic Party triumphed in Bibbiano despite previous controversies, reaffirming centre-left dominance in traditional strongholds such as Livorno and Prato.

The elections revealed a shifting political landscape with significant wins for the centre-left in several key municipalities.

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