Eu in its most critical phase says Italian President Mattarella pictured.

Mattarella says EU in “most critical phase”


President Sergio Mattarella’s message for Europe Day warns of unprecedented challenges facing the European Union, saying the union is in its “most critical phase”.

In his address, Mattarella underscores the gravity of the current situation. He stated that the continent is grappling with conflicts of a magnitude not seen in recent history.

Emphasising the interconnectedness of these crises, Mattarella cautions against viewing them as isolated incidents. Instead, he urged a collective response from EU member states.

“European history is experiencing perhaps its most critical phase since the start of the integration process,” the head of State said.

“The security of our continent is being shaken by conflicts that we had not experienced in recent times.

“It would be illusory to consider the crises in our area as confined hotspots”.

European elections

With the upcoming European elections on the horizon, he also highlighted the pivotal role of citizens in shaping the future of the Union.

Mattarella called upon millions of voters across 27 member states to exercise their right and responsibility to influence the direction of European governance. He envisions a united EU characterised by peace, dynamism, and solidarity, where diverse perspectives converge to foster harmonious coexistence.

“In a few weeks, the citizens of the 27 Member States will be called to the polls to elect the new European Parliament,” he said.

“It is a great exercise in democracy in which hundreds of millions of voters have the opportunity – and the associated responsibility – to make themselves the lead figures of their future.

“By participating in the vote, we will be able to shape the government of a united European Union, at peace, dynamic and capable of harmonising the different points of view of its peoples on the basis of the principles of solidarity”.

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