salerno - man stabs daughter in homophobic attack

Man stabs daughter and her girlfriend

By Region News Southern Italy

An Italian man is accused of stabbing his daughter and her girlfriend as he could not accept their relationship. The alleged attack took place in Salerno near Naples.

An Italian man who refused to accept his daughter’s relationship with another woman stabbed them both a Green Europe (EV) local politician said on Friday. The attack took place in Salerno near Naples on August 6, the two alleged victims, aged 23 and 39, told police in Crotone in Calabria.

“My father told us ‘I want to do 30 years in jail, do you want to die together, it’s time,’ and then he stabbed us,” said the man’s daughter. She said her mother had witnessed the attack and “did nothing to stop my father, on the contrary she tried to stop us escaping”.

The women said they had suffered slight wounds. However, they managed to escape and did not require hospital treatment.

A “spine-chilling story”

 EV Campania regional councillor Francesco Borrelli called the case “a mad and spine-chilling story”.

The first alleged victim is Francesca. She is 39 years old and comes from Crotone. The second, Immacolata, is 23 and from the province of Naples. The attack allegedly took place in the home of a relative of Immacolata in Salerno, where the pair had gone for work.

The women called the police who took them to their home in Salerno where they were able to safely pack and return to Crotone.

The man has denied the attack, they said. “But we have the proof”.

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