M%S split over support for Ukraine

Fallout from the M5S split


While M5S leader Giuseppe Conte said his party would continue to support PM Draghi, some of the signals from his senior members were not necessarily in line. This followed the M5S split as Di Maio left following disagreements over support for Ukraine.

M5S leader and ex-premier Giuseppe Conte said on Wednesday his party’s support for Premier Mario Draghi was not in question. This despite Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio leaving the M5S over differences on supplying arms to Ukraine.

“Support for Draghi is not up for discussion,” said Conte. He was backed up by Agriculture Minister Stefano Patuanelli.

However, senior members of the M5S gave differing signals on Wednesday about whether it would continue to support Draghi’s broad coalition government. Di Maio broke away to form a new group of around 70 members, Together for the Future (IPF).

M5S MP Stefano Buffagni said “we’ll see” when asked if the movement would remain part of the ruling coalition. “We have to reflect. In my opinion, it is one of the many issues we must address”.

Ukraine Foreign Minister thanks Di Maio

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba thanked Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio on Wednesday for Italy’s support for Kyiv against the Russian invasion.

“I’m grateful to Luigi Di Maio for his integrity,” Kuleba said. This a day after the Italian foreign minister split from his 5-Star Movement (M5S) to form a new party after disagreements over sending military aid to Ukraine.

“Italy has chosen the right side of history: supporting Ukraine is the only way to bring peace closer in Europe. Denying Ukraine support would encourage Russia to continue the war and expand it beyond Ukraine’s borders”.

Di Maio’s M5S split came over Conte’s call to end military aid to Ukraine.

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