Italy's government passes new covid measures

Italy passes new Covid measures

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The decree for new measures to curb the wave of the Omicron variant was unanimously approved this afternoon. Among the new covid measures are the Green Pass validity reducing from 9 to 6 months.

Among the new covid measures were the 5 to 4 month recall of the third dose; closure of ballrooms, discos and similar activities until 31st January; indoor consumption of food and drink only with the Super Green Pass even in white zone areas. Ansa reported these measures today.

The Press Conference on new covid measures

“Masks also mandatory outdoors and ffp2 in some areas such as long-distance transport, local transport, cinemas and stadiums. Ban on food and drink in cinemas”, announced Health Minister Roberto Speranza at the end of the CDM, Ansa reported. He explained this phase is very important.

The time between the administration of the third dose, is reduced from 5 months to 4 from the date of the second dose.

The new green pass has a reduced duration of 6 months. This as originally 12 months, then 9 months before today’s reduction. The 6 month duration will come into effect on February 1st.

The Council of Ministers (CdM) decided to postpone the decisions on the extension of the vaccine obligation to the Public Administration and possibly also to other categories for a subsequent evaluation.

The position of the League ministers in the Council of Ministers on the proposal to extend the obligation of vaccines in the PA was harsh in content, even if calm in tone, Ansa said in their report.  

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Omicron variant

The Omicron variant “has incubation times and a doubling of the number of infected subjects much higher than the previous ones. According to some studies it would have an infectiousness of 5 times higher than the Delta”. This was stated by the coordinator of the CTS Franco Locatelli; reiterating the need to “protect ourselves”.

“We have the tools, the vaccines, and the evidence that show us very clearly that vaccines protect us from the possibility of developing the disease in a serious way. The booster dose increases vaccination efficacy to 93% for reducing the severity of the disease and 75% at risk of getting infected.

“We need to be cautious and associate behaviour with adequate immune coverage” against the omicron variant. The variant now has a prevalence of just over 28%, which will become dominant in a few weeks.

Christmas and the hospitality sector

“The government has raised the level of precautions. Holidays arrive, Christmas and New Year’s days and it is important that individual behaviour is adequate. Maximum attention, prudence, masks, hygiene and distance,” said health minister Roberto Speranza at a press conference at the end of the CdM.

Gianni Indino, Silb president of Emilia-Romagna, is indignant at the closure of the discos. “We are destroyed. An entire production sector of our country has been cancelled. From today 200,000 people are at home without knowing why they, and only they, are at home and will not be able to work. I find it intolerable that on the skin of these people and of these companies we try to solve the country’s problems.”

Tomorrow the union will meet “to find an agreement on actions to be taken to put an end to this criminal behavior towards our sector.”

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