Part of Italy's world patisserie champions set

Italy are world patisserie champions


Italy are the new world patisserie champions having beaten a strong field at the 2021 edition of the Pastry World Cup (Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie).

In second place were Japan and in third were the hosts, France. This is the third time Italy have been crowned world patisserie champions.

Team Event

Lorenzo Puca, Massimo Pica and Andrea Restuccia came out top in the final in Lyon. The trio triumphed in the 10-hour competition against 10 other nations. They made five signature pieces: a chocolate dessert for sharing, an ice-cream cake, a restaurant dessert, a 165cm-high sugar sculpture, and a chocolate creation of the same height.

The head of Italy’s federation of pastry chefs (CONPAIT), Angelo Musolino, said “we are proud of Lorenzo Puca, Massimo Pica and Andrea Restuccia. The victory in France fills us with happiness, long live the young pastry chefs of our country”.

He said that “precision, concentration and imagination enabled the tricolour pastry chefs to win the prestigious prize in Lyon with works of art dedicated to nature. “We brought them luck and we are convinced that recent work is making the sector grow immeasurably”. He added: “there is credit and pride also for the team’s coach, Alessandro Dalmasso”.

Changes for 2021

The competition’s latest incarnation has evolved to align with eco-responsibility, thus product sourcing and natural tastes are now the order of the day. There is a ban on additives which means colourings, glitter powders (E172) and titanium dioxide are out of the question.

Judge feedback

Dominique Crenn is one of the judges in this year’s championship; a French chef and owner of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco.

“When I saw the Italian dessert, it spoke to me,” she told Euronews. “I did something very similar in 2013, and it was storytelling. It was about connecting the human to nature, and nature communicating back. It’s a very important story, it’s a story about the ecosystem. You look at it, everybody connects with it. It’s easy to be a great technician but if there’s no story behind it, who are you?”

Bocuse d’Or

Musolino wanted Italy to double up by winning the biennial chef world championship, the Bocuse d’Or. Unfortunately, the team, led by Alessandro Bergamo, a former sous chef at TV chef Carlo Cracco’s Michelin-starred restaurant in Milan, came in tenth place. The hosts, France, won the event.

The team comprised Francesco Tanese (commis), coach Lorenzo Alessio, vice coach Filippo Crisci, and helpers Noel Moglia, Graziano Patanè and Andrea Monastero.

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