The world's fastest adn tallest roller coaster at Cedar Point in the USA was made by an Italian company.

Italian firm makes world’s tallest roller coaster

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A firm from Vicenza in northern Italy has made the world’s tallest roller coaster, now installed at an amusement park in Ohio, USA.

The ride, Top Thrill 2, stands 128 metres high and sends thrill seekers hurtling at speeds of up to 193 kph at the Cedar Point park at Sandusky.

“Just call us ride makers if you like, it’s what we’ve been doing for three generations,” said the chairman and CEO of the Zamperla family company, Antonio Zamperla.

“But this project means an awful lot to our 450 workers, who are enthusiastic that they brought onto the global market a new generation of technologies in the design of roller coasters.”

The ride has just been inaugurated after two years of work setting it up at Cedar Point.

What does the roller coaster ride involve?

Top Thrill 2 is the latest addition to the Cedar Park lineup and the world’s tallest and fastest triple-launch strata coaster.

A record-breaking marvel of engineering, it promises an exhilarating experience as sleek, aerodynamic vehicles propel riders not once, not twice, but three times along a heart-pounding course.

Riders will experience the sensation of weightlessness as they hurtle through three “free-fall” moments, including the eagerly anticipated “rollback” after the initial forward launch.

Riders launch backwards, ascending into the heavens on a towering vertical tower. Then a third launch catapults riders forward at 120 mph, on a high-speed journey toward the stratosphere before crossing the finish line.

All this, the world’s tallest roller coaster, is thanks to Italian engineering.

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