Italian Airforce typhoon eurofighter

Italian Airforce intercept Russian planes over Baltic Sea


Italian Airforce fighters intercepted Russian planes over the Baltic Sea twice in 24 hours, Italian sources said Friday.

In a 24 hours period, Italian Airforce Eurofighters deployed in the 4th Wing Task Force carried out a double interception of Russian aircraft in the Baltic Sea. The fighter planes are operational at the Polish base in Malbork.

The alert was triggered Thursday and Friday morning for an unidentified aircraft flying over the international waters of the Baltic Sea. Once the aircraft had been identified, the Italian F-2000s returned to their base in Malbork.

Other Russia-related news

In related news on the Russia-Ukraine war, fragments of a Russian drone were found in Romania. Polish Premier Donald Tusk warned, ‘War is ahead, but we [Europe] are not ready’.

The European Parliament opened an investigation into Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo’s accusation of ‘MEPs hired by Moscow to spread propaganda’.

On the Moscow ISIS massacre, Turkey sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the alleged role of foreign intelligence services. Nine others suspected of helping the ISIS killers were arrested in Tajikistan.

Putin has said the terrorists were trained by Ukraine in the Middle East with the help of America and Britain.

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