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Lazio offers €2,000 to couples to marry this year

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‘In Lazio with Love’ is an initiative open to Italians and foreigners who are looking to tie the knot in 2022. Aiming to boost the pandemic-hit sector, €2,000 is the encouragement to marry in the Italian region this year.

The wedding sector has been hard hit during the last two years. Since the start of the pandemic, 9,000 couples have wed in Lazio, compared with more than 15,000 in 2019.

The initiative is called “In Lazio with Love”. Wherever the nuptials take place – beach, castle, the Italian capital – so long as it’s in the Lazio region, authorities are giving €2,000 to couples who get hitched there.

The aim is to boost the wedding sector which has been hard hit by the pandemic. “The scheme is needed to support a sector that has suffered badly from the economic crisis,” said Nicola Zingaretti, president of Lazio. “We have put the significant investment in place also with an eye on the tourism sector, and with the awareness and pride of being able to boast about every part of our region; with many locations among the most magical and fascinating in the world thanks to an unparalleled cultural heritage.”

Make your request from today

Even if you’ve already tied the knot this year in Lazio, you can still apply for the bonus. Providing a maximum of five receipts, from today (28th February) you can apply for a refund on your expenditure.

The costs must have been incurred on Lazio-based wedding services, including planners, attire, venues, catering, flowers, car hire and photographers.

A total of €10million has been set aside. Applications can be made up to the end of January 2023, or until the money runs out.

“Let’s relaunch a sector that has been on hold for a long time – the whole wedding chain has suffered economically during the last two years,” said Valentina Corrado, Lazio’s tourism councillor.

Why marry in Lazio?

Aside from the Italian capital of Rome, Lazio has a wonderful array of locations fit for a wedding. There are medieval hilltop villages and the dune beaches at Circeo national park. And let’s not forget romantic venues such as the Orsini-Odescalchi castle in Bracciano.

Bracciano is one of three large lakes, alongside Vico and Bolsena which are highly popular, particularly in the summer. The Pontine Islands on Lazio’s coastline are some of Italy‘s undiscovered gems.

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