The area of Caivano where two young girls were gang raped in July

High Impact Police Operation in Caivano

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State, Carabinieri and finance police staged a huge operation on Tuesday to crack down on crime in the Camorra mafia-ridden town of Caivano near Naples. Over 400 officers were involved in dawn raids as part of the High Impact police operation.

PM Giorgia Meloni visited Caivano last week following news of the alleged gang rape of two young cousins in the town. She said ‘no-fly zones’ where crime is free to run rampant without State intervention must not tolerated.

Over 400 officers were employed in dawn raids staged as part of the “Alto Impatto” High Impact police operation. Police searched drug dens, identified suspects and found a bag containing €30,000 in cash.

“The Meloni government is determined to re-assert security and law and order throughout the national territory, starting from areas that have been in difficulty for too long,” said Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi.

“We started with the big (railway) stations (in big cities), then with (the Rome seaside district of) Ostia and today with Caivano.

“In the next few days, we will address other problematic environments so there are no no-fly zones. The State is working to bring back security in every fringe area of the country”.

Cracking down on juvenile crime

The government is set to crack down on juvenile crime after what happened in Caivano and several other headline-grabbing cases.

The potential new measures range from the possibility of ordering the expulsion from certain urban areas (DASPOs) of minors between 14 and 18 years of age, to verbal warnings from the police commissioner for the same age group, to a beefed-up fight against the spread of firearms.

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