Gunman kills three in Rome

Gunman kills three in Rome

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A gunman opened fire on Sunday at a meeting in Rome of owners of properties in a residential complex. He killed three women and injured four other people. One of the murdered was a friend of PM Meloni.

On Sunday, at a meeting of property owners in a Rome residential complex, a gunman opened fire. Three women were killed and four other injured. One of the injured is a woman in critical condition.

The massacre could have been worse as the alleged gunman, Claudio Campiti, had 170 bullets and a second cartridge with him. However, he was unable to use them as other participants in the meeting managed to stop and restrain him until the police arrived.

Ongoing feud

Campiti had long been at odds with the management of the complex. He had also been denied a gun permit for having repeatedly issued threats. He stole the murder weapon from a Rome shooting range.

Prosecutors have charged him with premeditated murder and said he risks taking flight if freed. He had 6,000 euros and a rucksack full of clothes with him on Sunday.

Campiti’s Facebook page shows Nazi and Fascist symbols.

Victim friend of Meloni

One of the victims, 50-year-old Nicoletta Golisano, was a friend of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The victim was the mother of a 10-year boy and an auditor for the association that manages the complex.

“Nicoletta was a protective mother, an honest and discreet friend and a woman who was strong and fragile at the same time,” Meloni said in a Facebook post about Golisano.  

“But, above all, she was a professional with an extraordinary sense of duty. That sense of duty led her to be there on Sunday morning where a man was waiting with a firearm to kill her and two other women…

“It will never be possible to link the word justice to this case because it is not just to die in this way”.

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