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Which were the most popular Google searches in Italy this year?


The annual Google report highlights the searches that trended in 2021. Putting covid-related terms into its own category, it seems the Italian love of sport has not been dampened. Let’s check out the most searched terms in Italy this year.

Naturally, Covid was still a hot topic in 2021; so much so Google has put coronavirus related searches into their own category. So, what were the most popular searches this year in Italy?

Overall top 10

The most searched phrase in Italy was “Serie A”. In second place was “Europeans”, despite the victory of the men’s national football team in the European Cup Finals. In third place is “Classroom”, the Google software used in Italian schools for communications, assessments and assignment of tasks, especially in the case of distance learning. Tennis was also popular with Matteo Berrettini’s progress through the tournaments apparently tracked through Google searches.

  1. Serie A
  2. Europeans
  3. Classroom
  4. Raffaella Carrà
  5. Champions League
  6. Roland Garros
  7. Christian Eriksen
  8. Wimbledon
  9. Green Pass
  10. Matteo Berrettini


The individual most searched for through Google in Italy was Danish Inter footballer Christian Eriksen, who suffered a cardiac arrest during a European football match last June. In second place is the Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini. This year, Berrettini was the first Italian to reach a Wimbledon final.

Mario Draghi, Italian Prime Minister, is in third place. Sport continues to dominate with Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, manager Giuseppe Conte, Marcell Jacobs the Olympic 100 meters winner, another tennis player Jannik Sinner,  and swimmer Federica Pellegrini taking all bar two of the pother places.  

Meanwhile in fifth place are Måneskin, the Italian musical group that this year won both Sanremo and Eurovision Song Contest. Another singer, Orietta Berti, came in ninth place.

  1. Christian Eriksen
  2. Matteo Berrettini
  3. Mario Draghi
  4. Gianluigi Donnarumma
  5. Måneskin
  6. Jannik Sinner
  7. Giuseppe Conte
  8. Federica Pellegrini
  9. Orietta Berti
  10. Marcell Jacobs


In 2021, there was a lot of research related to sports, entertainment and political figures who died. The most searched person was Raffaella Carrà, one of the most famous Italian singers and conductors, who died on July 5th. In second place is Michele Merlo, the Italian singer  who died in June at the age of 28 from leukeamia. The third most searched for person was the singer-songwriter Franco Battiato, who died in May at the age of 76. In the same month, the tenth classified, perhaps the least known in Italy, also died: the British singer and model Nick Kamen.

  1. Raffaella Carrà
  2. Michele Merlo
  3. Franco Battiato
  4. Gino Strada
  5. Carla Fracci
  6. Libero de Rienzo
  7. Rossano Rubiconi
  8. Milva
  9. Prince Philip
  10. Nick Kamen


As for the terms and formulas related to the coronavirus pandemic, the most sought after was predictably the Green Pass, the certificate introduced in Italy this summer to access various public places, followed by the booking for the vaccine. In third place there is “Astrazeneca”, one of the vaccines against the coronavirus on which there has been much discussion due to some cases of thrombosis which occurred in very rare cases after administration.

  1. Green Pass
  2. Book the Covid vaccine
  3. Astrazeneca
  4. Covid today
  5. Curfew
  6. Orange zone
  7. Reservation of Tuscan vaccine
  8. Self-certification March 2021
  9. Piedmont vaccinates you
  10. Booking vaccine Lombardy


The most sought-after events in 2021 are almost all sports: with the exception of the Sanremo Festival, in seventh place, and Black Friday, in ninth.

  1. Serie A
  2. Europeans
  3. Champions League
  4. Roland Garros
  5. Wimbledon
  6. Olympic Games
  7. Sanremo 2021
  8. NBA
  9. Black Friday
  10. Super League 2021

How to do…?

As every year, this category reserves some of the most curious research. In the first place there is “how to do the SPID”, a tool that has become very useful in the last year, especially for obtaining the Green Pass (which is instead in second place). More specific searches follow such as “How to make a screenshot” on the computer, “How to tie a tie” and “How to make a washing machine”. Compared to last year, where the lockdown had greatly influenced the ranking, the various “how to make bread at home / pasta / pizza / sourdough” disappear, to which Google has dedicated a special section.

  1. Lo SPID
  2. The Green pass
  3. Screenshot PC
  4. ATA application
  5. Rubik’s cube
  6. Backup WhatsApp
  7. The Covid vaccine
  8. The tie knot
  9. Make a resume
  10. The washing machine

How to do … (in the kitchen)?

The most sought-after cooking recipes ever is “how to make pizza at home”, while among the top ten no longer appears “how to make bread”, which in 2020 was among the most common searches in Italy. If you want to know if it makes sense to buy an electric oven to make pizza at home, we tried one, to see if the pizza is really good “like in a restaurant”.

  1. Homemade pizza
  2. Homemade pesto
  3. The bechamel
  4. The tomato paste
  5. Homemade sushi
  6. Hard-boiled eggs
  7. The porridge
  8. The meat broth
  9. I ravioli in casa
  10. Scrambled eggs

What does it mean…?

In this ranking in first place is the “DDL Zan”, the bill against homotransphobia, set aside by the Senate. The bill would have changed the so-called “Mancino law” by including discrimination based on race, ethnicity and religion (already contemplated) also discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability. In second place there is then the “reinforced red zone”, which was introduced at the beginning of the year for the regions with the worst epidemiological risk situation.

  1. DDL Zan
  2. Reinforced red zone
  3. Resilience
  4. Transgender
  5. Endemic
  6. rdw alto
  7. LOL
  8. This 2163 ffp2
  9. Intermediate vote
  10. Low Mchc


In this category, as has often happened in recent years, the questions of Italians searched through Google are always very varied. They range from politics to sport to decidedly stranger things. Included are “why Giuseppe Conte resigned as prime minister” (errr…?’), to the inevitable “why WhatsApp does not work”. One also wonders why the Taliban recaptured Kabul, Afghanistan, why the footballer Lionel Messi left Barcelona, ​​and a more unlikely “why dogs lick”.

  1. Conte resigns
  2. Whatsapp doesn’t work
  3. The British took the medal away
  4. It is celebrated on 8 March
  5. Israel attacks Gaza
  6. Prince Philip is not king
  7. The Taliban entered Kabul
  8. Messi leaves barcelona
  9. Dogs lick
  10. Italy does not kneel


The “how” category is dominated by research related to the coronavirus pandemic, and the measures decided by the government to stimulate economic recovery. There is only one exception, “How Masha and the Bear ends”, the Russian animated series that started in 2009. Again, there is no answer, as the series is not finished yet.

  1. To charge the green pass
  2. Masha and the bear ends
  3. To book the vaccine
  4. How to do the SPID
  5. Book the third dose
  6. How to get the green pass
  7. Pfizer vaccine how it works
  8. Cashback how it works
  9. Spa bonus how to request it
  10. How the receipt lottery works

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