Still of Giorgia Meloni from video. Meloni honoured Giacomo Matteotti yesterday, 100 years after his "death speech"

Giacomo Matteotti murdered by Fascist thugs – Meloni


On Thursday, Premier Giorgia Meloni commemorated the 100th anniversary of the courageous speech by Giacomo Matteotti, delivered in parliament against Benito Mussolini’s violent and fraudulent rise to power.

Meloni highlighted Matteotti’s tragic assassination by Fascist thugs, marking a pivotal moment in Italy’s history.

“Today, we honour a free and courageous man who was killed by Fascist thugs for his ideas,” Meloni stated during a ceremony in the House. “Honouring his memory is fundamental in order to remind ourselves every day, at a distance of 100 years from that speech, of the value of freedom of speech and thought against those who would like to presume the right to establish what is permitted to be said and thought and what is not.”

Meloni highlighted the lasting impact of Matteotti’s stand against oppression, saying, “Matteotti’s lesson, today more than ever, reminds us that our democracy is such if it is founded on respect for others, on debate, on liberty, and not on violence.”

On 30th May 1924, Matteotti, then 39 years old, stood in the Italian Parliament and boldly accused the Fascists of election fraud and voter intimidation. His speech, which exposed the brutal tactics of Mussolini’s regime, led to his kidnapping and murder just eleven days later.

Mussolini later admitted responsibility for the assassination and used the ensuing crisis to dissolve parliament and establish his dictatorship, plunging Italy into an era of totalitarian rule.

Ironic that Meloni defends freedom of speech

The irony of Meloni’s speech should not be lost pn anybody, considering her current situation.

Author Roberto Saviano is being pursued by Meloni in court.

In October, Saviano was fined €1,000 for referring to Meloni and Salvini as “bastards” on Italian TV following the tragic death of a young girl during a failed Mediterranean sea rescue.

Additionally, Saviano is facing a separate trial for labeling Salvini as the “minister of the underworld.” These legal actions have drawn criticism from press freedom advocates, who condemn the criminalisation of defamation in Italy.

Despite the fine, the judge recognised mitigating factors, including Saviano’s “acting for reasons of particular moral value,” and suspended the penalty, thus keeping Saviano’s record clean. Saviano has appealed for a full acquittal, which has led Meloni to seek further legal recourse.

Earlier this month, Rai journalists went on strike accusing Meloni and her government of ‘stifling free speech’.

Furthermore, the Press Freedom Report saw Italy drop five places this year. Ownership of media bodies by politicians is the main reason for the drop.

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