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Gas updates for Italy

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Gas updates: As Draghi tells European counterparts they must face the energy crisis together, Italy’s ecological transition minister signs a new decree.

Thursday 6th October is a day of gas updates for Italy.

Outgoing Premier Mari Draghi told a Prague summit today it must face the energy crisis together.
“We must work together to face the energy crisis,” he told a round table debate on Energy, Climate and Economy involving Italy, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, Norway, Ukraine and Serbia. “We can also do so separately, but we would lose European unity,” he warned. 

Winter gas heating limits in Italy

The ecological transition minister signed a decree introducing new limits and times for gas heating over the coming winter. They limits should help the country cope with the energy crisis.

The decree limits heating in both settings and times in many public and private buildings. There will be exceptions for hospitals, nurseries, swimming pools and some industries.

Dynamic EU price cap call

ANSA reports it has seen an informal ‘non paper’ signed by Italy, Poland, Greece, and Belgium. It calls for a dynamic EU price cap on gas in a scenario in which there is gas on the market.

The proposal is for a “dynamic corridor” in which it would be possible to set a central value. This would be regularly revised on the basis of external parameters (such as the price of crude) and allow fluctuations.

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