Food inflation was 7.1% in May 2022

Food inflation rises by 7.1% in Italy

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Food inflation is affecting the entire food chain, agricultural entity Coldiretti states. Food prices rose by an average 7.1% in May, Istat figures show.

In Italy, food prices grew by an average of 7.1% due to generalised increases in all products. Food inflation has hit the most basic of foods: edible seed oils (+ 70.2%) to butter (+ 22.6%) and pasta (+ 16.6%).

Coldiretti says the entire agri-food chain starting from the countryside is affected. More than 1 farm out of every 10 (11%) has had to cease activity. And about one-third of the national total (30%) is forced to work in a condition of negative income due to the increase in production costs, according to Crea. In fact, in agriculture there are cost increases ranging from 170% for fertilisers, 90% for feeds and 129% for diesel.

The president of the Coldiretti Ettore Prandini said that “immediate action must be taken to contain expensive energy and production costs with immediate interventions to save companies and stables and structural measures to plan for the future.”

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