floods in Marche leave 11 dead

Eleven dead following floods in Marche, Italy

By Region Central Italy Environment News

The number of dead has risen to eleven following floods in Marche. The search continued all night for three missing people.

The search for three missing people continued all night in the Senigallia area of Marche. The 47-year-old man from Arcevia has been found, Mattia, an 8-year-old child and Brunella Chiù, Noemi Bartolucci’s 56-year-old mother are still missing.

The firefighters – who also came from Lombardy, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo – civil protection and other rescuers are also working incessantly to provide aid to displaced persons and people who have suffered damage. Many houses are uninhabitable due to the water and mud. However, the water service inside homes and businesses that had been interrupted in various areas since yesterday morning is partially back.

The number of victims due to the floods in Marche has risen to 11. They all lived along the valley of the Misa and Nevola rivers, in the province of Ancona.

However, the problems may continue as the rain is increasing and the river Misia has returned to swell. There is a storm and a strong wind on Senigallia.

The Italian President, Sergio Mattarella , expressed “anguish” over the tragedy. Prime Minister Mario Draghi paid a visit to the affected areas with the support of the government. “It is a disaster, we will do everything possible,” he said.

Despite a day without rain, Marche remains in suspense, waiting for the yellow alert scheduled for the next few hours. And attention is also paid to four other regions for which the Civil Protection has issued an orange alert. These are Umbria, Campania, Basilicata and Calabria .

Six months of rain in one afternoon

In just one afternoon, Marche was overwhelmed by the amount of rain that usually falls in six months. According to the data released by the CNR, this is the most intense storm of the last 10 years caused, in all probability, by the exceptional heat of the summer. “It rained in a few hours a third of what it normally rains in these areas in a year” says the head of the Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio .

Extreme weather events has increased in recent years, a report by Legambiente highlighted last month,

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