Gresti with Rabciuc whose murder he is being investigated over.

Ex-boyfriend investigated over murder of Andreea Rabciuc


The former boyfriend of a 27-year-old Romanian woman, Andreea Rabciuc, who went missing in March 2022 is now under investigation on suspicion of murder.

Simone Gresti, already under scrutiny for alleged abduction and drug trafficking, faces an additional probe regarding the suspected murder of Andreea Rabciuc, a former waitress.

Rabciuc’s remains were discovered in a dilapidated farmhouse near Ancona over the weekend.

The Oscar Wilde Irish Pub in Jesi, where Rabciuc worked, fondly remembered her on Monday, describing her as “beautiful and sunny.”

The theory is Gresti committed the murder due to his inability to accept the end of their relationship. This is a disturbing mirroring of several recent cases of femicides in Italy, including that of Giulia Cecchettin.

At Cecchettin’s funeral, her father hoped her death would be an impetus to work against gender-based violence.

Murder-suicide in Naples, another femicide

A husband and wife were found dead in a house at Agropoli near Salerno south of Naples on Monday morning. Police are treating it as a murder-suicide. The man was 63 and the woman 43.  

The authorities consider the woman’s death as femicide in an ongoing spate of deadly violence against women in Italy.

Tramontano’s sister says apology is a mockery

Alessandro Impagnatiello, who confessed to the horrific murder of his pregnant partner, apologised during a civil trial hearing. Impagnatiello stabbed Giulia Tramontano 37 times, killing her and the couple’s unborn son in May 2023.

Giulia had discovered Impagnatiello was having an affair, which was the motivation for her murder.

Chiara Tramontano, Giulia’s sister, called it a mockery in a social media post.

“You can apologise if you accidentally hit my car mirror.

“You can’t apologise if you poisoned my sister and my nephew, making fun of us and deriding her,” wrote Tramontano in an Instagram story after the hearing in Milan.

“You have no right to utter (the names of), invoke or think about Giulia and Thiago.”

“Having killed them barbarically, you deserve to wake up every day in jail thinking back to what you did and feeling disgust for yourself,” concluded Tramontano.

The family is standing as a civil plaintiff in the case, and calling for Impagnatiello to receive a life sentence.

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