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Animal tales from Italy


Heroic dogs and farewell to Europe’s oldest chimp in a week of animal news.

Europe’s oldest chimp, Judy, died at the age of 49 in her zoo at Bussolengo near Verona.

“The oldest chimpanzee in Europe, born in 1972, closed her eyes and fell asleep for good at 09:32 Friday,” the Veronese zoo said.

Much-loved chimp

Judy was well-loved and respected by her companions, the Bussolengo zoo said. Her death alarmed her fellow chimps who vainly tried to revive her before seeking help from their keepers.

In her final years, Judy became hard of hearing. “Her way of screwing up her eyes after she finally recognised a voice made her even sweeter,” said the zoo’s research and conservation chief, Caterina Spiezio. 

The record for longevity in a European chimp goes to another female. She lived to 58 in a Barcelona zoo.

Lifeguard dogs

Three of the dog lifeguards in service at the Italian sea resort of Sperlonga, saved the lives of 14 people, including eight children last week.

The group was made up of three families. Whilst relaxing in the sea on flotation devices, they were swept away from the shore as water conditions changed.

The people fell into the water and started to shout for help as they were unable to get back to the beach.

 The three Labradors – Eros (4), Mya (7) and Mira (5) – made several trips to bring the people back to safety. The complex operation lasted around 20 minutes.

The dogs received warm applause from around 400 beach-goers who watched the rescue.

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