Close up of wind turbine. The Energy decree which has now passed into law, allows for offshore wind farms.

Energy Decree has final approval

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The Energy Decree has received the final approval from the Senate, securing 97 votes in favour, 74 against, and 2 abstentions. Consequently, the measure has now become law.

Initially approved by the Chamber on January 26, the Energy Decree also incorporates regulations for reconstruction efforts in regions impacted by last year’s unprecedented floods.

The Energy Decree encompasses various provisions, spanning geothermal energy, subsidies for renewables, nuclear power, and more. The decree, which obtained 184 yes votes and 83 no votes in its initial reading in the Chamber, has several key measures.


In the realm of renewables, the legislation eliminates the contribution required from plant owners for production. Instead, it introduces an auction mechanism designed to incentivise renewables.

This involves the establishment of multi-year two-way contracts between the GSE (Energy Services Manager) and selected operators. Moreover, there is an opportunity for participation in auctions for incentives, extending even to all photovoltaic systems in agricultural areas.

Wind power

Regarding wind power, the decree expands the possibility of identifying ports where platforms for floating wind power can be constructed. This rule is not limited to specific regions but extends to areas bordering the phase-out areas from coal, such as Civitavecchia.

Nuclear energy

On the nuclear front, the decree grants local authorities an extended period of 90 days to submit a self-nomination to Sogin for hosting the national radioactive waste repository.

Waste Management

In addressing waste management, Renato Schifani, the president of the Sicilian Region, has been appointed as an extraordinary commissioner. A budget of €800 million is allocated for waste management.

Geothermal energy

The decree also opens up opportunities in geothermal energy. It allows the utilisation of geothermal resources for electric use even in thermal areas while ensuring the preservation of water characteristics.

2023 flood compensation

For compensation, agriculture and businesses affected by the 2023 floods can access the Solidarity Fund in agriculture. Additionally, call centre workers engaged in managing greater protection activities for electricity at risk, following the end of the transition to the free market, will be stabilised.

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