File footage of Marsican brown bear called Sandrino. this is not the Bear M90 euthanised. However, it is the same species. Image: Marco Tersigni - Flickr under creative commons licence

Bear M90 euthanised in Trento

By Region Environment News North-east Italy

Forestry corps members euthanised bear M90 in Trento’s northern province per an order from provincial governor Maurizio Fugatti. The culling occurred in a mountainous region of the lower Val di Sole valley.

Fugatti’s directive cited M90’s increased proximity to human settlements and interactions deemed threatening.   “The specimen, when identified as bear M90 by observation of the radio collar and/or ear tags, shall be killed immediately,” read the order signed by Fugatti on Tuesday morning.

“Almost five months have passed since the start of intensive monitoring of bear M90 with deterrent actions, without any appreciable results having been achieved in terms of a decrease in the friendliness of the specimen, which has remained active and with a dangerous attitude even during the winter months,” read the order.

Despite intensive monitoring and deterrent efforts since its radio collaring in September, M90 exhibited persistent risky behaviour, including intentionally following people. The order highlighted the failure to mitigate M90’s perceived friendliness, prompting the drastic action.

Coexistence challenges between humans and bears in Trentino escalated after a female bear, Jj4, fatally attacked trail runner Andrea Papi in April, sparking legal disputes over culling orders amidst opposition from animal rights groups.

Environment Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin advocated for relocating problematic bears rather than euthanising them and proposed involving animal rights associations in developing a comprehensive management plan for the local bear population.

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