Energy crisis - EU need to do more says Meloni. Image of electricity pylons across countryside

EU must do more on energy says Meloni


Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni called on the EU to do more to address the energy crisis faced by Europe.
She said it is clear the NRRP is not sufficient and doesn’t factor in the impact of the war in Ukraine.

Premier Giorgia Meloni on Monday (5 th December) reiterated her call for the European Union to do
more to address the problem of soaring energy prices.

Speaking via video link to the ‘festival of the regions’ event in Milan, she said that it was “clear to
everyone” the post-COVID Next Generation EU programme was “no longer sufficient”. This because “it
could not take into consideration the impact that the Ukraine war has had on our economies”.

NRRP to make Italy’s economy more modern and green

Italy has been allocated almost €200 billion in grants and low-interest loans for the National Recovery
and Resilience Plan (NRRP). The plan’s aim is to make Italy’s economy more modern and greener as part
of the Next Generation EU programme.

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“It is necessary to do more today at the EU level, starting with the problem of expensive energy,” the
PM said.

“The pandemic and then the war have projected us into a completely new world, a new geopolitical
situation in which it is not possible to do without unity and cohesion at all levels and we cannot fail to
have a long-term vision,” she added.

“Our structural problems are primarily the product of the short-sighted policies of the past, starting with
those regarding energy.

“In the past the EU and many member States, including Italy, preferred to increase their level of reliance
on other nations instead of working to implement measures that strengthened production,
independence and national energy security”.

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