Eitan Biran hearings over, sentencing in 2 weeks

Third and final hearing over abduction of Eitan complete in Tel Aviv


The hearings in the Tel Aviv Family Court over the abduction of Eitan Biran are complete. Eitan was the sole survivor of the Mottarone tragedy. The judge has two weeks to pass sentence.

The third and final hearing at the Tel Aviv Family Court regarding Eitan Biran ended last night with a session lasting over 12 hours. “Now the lawyers will forward their final conclusions to the judge who will then have to go to sentence”. This from  Shmuel Moran, lawyer of Aya Biran Nirko, paternal aunt of the child who is his legal guardian.

Up to 2 weeks to pass sentence

Judge Iris Ilotovich Segal has 2 weeks to give her verdict. The case comes under the framework of the Hague Convention on the abduction of minors. During the session – behind closed doors like the others – numerous witnesses were heard, including an expert in Italian law.

Shortly before the meeting ended, the maternal grandmother of Eitan, Esther Cohen Peleg, arrived in court. She did not release any statement. The former wife of Shmuel Peleg – who took the child to Israel without consent and is under investigation in Italy for kidnapping –  was merely offering support to her ex/husband.

Now the ball passes to the judge who, according to the Convention, will have to decide whether to send the child back to Italy immediately as requested by aunt Aya Biran Nirko.

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