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Exquisite Donatello Exhibition in Florence

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Running until 31st July 2022 at the Strozzi Palace and Bargello Museum in Florence is an extraordinary exhibition of the works of Renaissance artist Donatello.

An exhibition in Florence until 31st July 2022, celebrates the career and influence of the artist Donatello. It is the largest exhibition ever on Donatello. It spans his almost 60-year career, from his gothic beginnings to expressionist-like work. Considered to be one of the founders of the Italian Renaissance, Donatello inspired a generation of artists including Michelangelo.

There are nearly 130 works of art, of which 50 are from Donatello. They are on display in the Strozzi Palace and Bargello museum of Florence. The Exhibition starts in the Strozzi Palace with his earliest works and continues in the Bargello Museum with his masterpieces, the Bronze David, Marzocco and Saint George.

There is a further special itinerary “Donatello in Tuscany”, which allows visitors to discover Donatello’s works in other parts of Tuscany.

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Collaboration with other museums

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The Exhibition, Donatello The Renaissance, is in collaboration with various global museums including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Staatliche Museum in Berlin. There are also contributions from the National Gallery of Art in Washington; the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; The National Gallery of London; the Louvre; Vienna Museum; The Uffizi, plus the Florentine churches of Santa Maria Novella, Santa Croce, and San Lorenzo and the Cathedral of Siena and Prato.

The exhibition will travel to Berlin and London, albeit in a different format, once closed in Florence.

Opening Hours:

Strozzi Palace – open every day, including holidays, from 10am-8pm. Special hours on Thursdays – 10am-11pm Bargello Museum – open every day including holidays, from 8.45am-7pm. Special hours on Tuesdays – 10am-18pm

For more information visit the Strozzi Palace website.  

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