Cultural Survey places Rome outside top 5 of European Capitals for art. Image shows Rome forum with blue sky and sunlight.

Rome not in top 5 of new cultural survey of European capitals

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Art, style, and architecture significantly influence our travel decisions, which is why museums, galleries, and exhibitions in Europe’s major cities constantly compete for visitors. Ubuy France, a global e-commerce platform, conducted a cultural survey identifying the top 20 European capital cities for art enthusiasts.

Cultural tourism accounts for approximately 40% of all European tourism. The ranking is based on the number of art galleries, galleries with free entry, statues and monuments, and works of street art. Surprisingly, Rome – where there seems to be a monument on every corner – has not made the top 5.

Tied for first place are London and Paris, each scoring 166 points according to Ubuy’s metrics. London dazzles with 259 galleries, 29 of which offer free entry. From the timeless pieces at the National Gallery to the avant-garde exhibits at the Tate Modern, London’s art scene is both diverse and vibrant. The city also hosts numerous festivals ensuring a bustling cultural calendar year-round.

Paris features 796 monuments and statues. At its heart lies the Louvre, home to iconic masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo.

Places 2 to 5

In second place according to the study is Prague, Czech Republic, with a score of 155. This enchanting city, known for its cobblestone streets and Gothic architecture, houses the National Gallery Prague, Europe’s second oldest art gallery, spread across seven historic buildings. The gallery offers free entry several times a year.

Berlin follows closely with a score of 152. The German capital is renowned for its street art, boasting 618 different locations, including the East Side Gallery. This mile-long stretch of the Berlin Wall has vibrant art from 105 artists, featuring restorations of pieces painted in 1990 after the wall’s fall.

Amsterdam ranks fourth with a score of 151. The Dutch city has 103 galleries, with over 10% offering free entry. Highlights include the Modern Contemporary (Moco) Museum, showcasing pop art from Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, and the Rijksmuseum, which hosts exhibitions of Vermeer, Rembrandt, and currently, Frans Hals.

Lisbon, Portugal, comes in fifth with a score of 147. The Portuguese capital is famous for its street art, featuring 637 works, including large and beautiful murals that are particularly popular.

Where does Rome appear in the survey results?

Rome shows up in sixth place on Ubuy’s results. The survey states there are 82 art galleries with 15 of them offering free entry. It also lists 139 monuments and statues, with 99 street art exhibitions. This gives the Eternal City a total of 141 points, some 25 behind London and Paris.

Of course, Rome has a lot more than art to attract visitors.

Ubuy cultural survey on European capitals for art

Earlier this year, a British travel agent rated Florence the second best culture capital in the world.

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