Milan opera house has launched La Scala TV

La Scala TV launched

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Last week, the La Scala Opera House in Milan started its own TV channel. Viewers can watch live or on demand shows.

Last Thursday, La Scala launched a global TV and on-demand channel. Lovers of opera and ballet can enjoy live performances from the iconic Milanese cultural mecca. is a new platform where you can watch performances from La Scala in Milan live while they are being performed. Alternatively, a catalogue of special content – operas, ballets and concerts from the recent past, can be viewed.

The first opera will be streamed tomorrow (14th February) Valentine’s Day. It is Verdi‘s French-language masterpiece Vespri Siciliani (Sicilian Vespers) conducted by Fabio Lusi.

However, it is already possible to access the platform and rent some performances on demand. It is a sort of global TV, since content can be accessed from all over the world thanks also to agreements with foreign partners, La Scala said.

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How much does La Scala TV cost?

In order to access the streaming channel, you need to register – which is free. Subsequently, you are charged for watching live or pre-recorded shows.

The costs vary, but are naturally cheaper than a ticket at the opera house itself. The cheapest ticket in the theatre is €15, seated in the gods with a side view of the stage. The most expensive are €95 in the stalls. For the streamed performances, the prices range from € 11.90 for the UHD opera live stream to €2.90 for an on demand concert or recital.

Whilst the atmosphere will not be the same, for those across the world who cannot make it to Milan, the opportunity is one not to be missed.

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