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Boboli Gardens in Italy’s Florence set to be restored

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The Uffizi Galleries announced a major restoration of the Boboli Gardens in Florence. The historic Kaffeehaus has already received attention and is due for reopening in October.

Uffizi Galleries officials announced a €50 million mega-project to restore the Boboli Gardens during the inauguration of the newly-revamped Kaffeehaus. The domed pavilion is a rare example of Rococo architecture in Tuscany. Home to 18th century frescoes, the Kaffeehaus is due to reopen in October.

Closed for 20 years, the pavilion now has a Grand-Ducal cafeteria with a large garden and panoramic terrace overlooking Florence’s skyline.

The “Boboli Masterplan 2030” is an ambitious, eight-year plan to return the formal gardens to their Medici-era splendor. Located behind the Pitti Palace, the completion of the 33-hectare grounds revamp will be complete in 2030.

History of the Boboli Gardens

The Medici family began the construction of the Boboli Gardens in 1549. They commissioned Niccolò Pericoli (also known as Tribolo) to design the layout. After Tribolo’s untimely death, the project was handed over to Bartolomeo Ammannati and Bernardo Buontalenti.

Over the years, renowned architects helped create the iconic Italian Renaissance garden style that became popular in palaces across Europe. In the latter half of the 18th century, the Boboli Gardens opened to the public.

Boboli Masterplan 2030

The masterplan for Boboli is a vast undertaking. At its core is “the enhancement of the Garden’s vast architectural heritage, the restoration and rehabilitation of sculptures and fountains, the improvement of its enjoyment for visitors, the creation of new services, the opening of new spaces, the optimization of water resources, a new lighting and video surveillance system,” according to the Uffizi’s official website.

Upcoming projects include the restoration of the large ponds and all the statues; plus new lighting for the garden, an exhibition centre in the pagliere building.

The budget for the restoration of all the sculptures of the Gardens  is €3,500,000. That includes more than 300 statues from the Classical, Renaissance and Baroque periods and the substitution of the most delicate works with copies.

Another element is the renovation of the Neptune Basin at €1,400,000 and the Island Basin estimated at €2,650,000. To improve access there will also be the construction of an underground elevator connecting the Ammannati Courtyard with the Mezzanine of the Muletta and the Boboli Amphitheater. The estimated cost for this is €3,000,000.

Other key improvements to the grounds include the addition of three refreshment areas and a new high-tech storage facility to house the Uffizi’s collection of historic tapestries and carpets — the largest in the world.

Funds are not yet allocated, but most of the money is expected to be generated through museum ticket sales and private donors. Already, the Italian fashion house Gucci has pledged nearly €2 million.

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