pasta prices double the rise of inflation in April

Italy to hold crisis meeting over price of pasta


Italy’s government is convening a crisis meeting to address soaring pasta prices. The price of Italy’s popular basic food surged almost twice as much as the country’s inflation rate last month.

Italy’s industry minister Adolfo Urso last Thursday called for a meeting to discuss ways to slow the increase in the price of pasta.

In April, the price of pasta and couscous rose at a provisional rate of 16.3% from a year earlier, according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT). The comparable increase in Italy’s harmonised index of consumer prices, a weighted average of Italian goods and services, measured a provisional 8.8% in April.

Pasta prices surge an anomaly

Pasta is a staple for Italian families. The food has faced price pressures for the last couple of years linked to increased energy costs, supply chain delays, and elevating wheat costs.

However, Coldiretti said soaring pasta prices represented an “anomaly that needs clarification,” given the price of a key ingredient, durum wheat, fell 30% in the year.

According to Ansa, consumer group Assoutenti filed a complaint with Italy’s Ministry of Enterprises after calculating price increases were costing Italian families an extra €25 ($27.60) this year. The National Consumer Union said until speculation on wheat prices was defined as an “unfair practice,” the price of pasta may stay elevated.

The crisis talks will take place on 11th May, with a government-appointed watchdog on inflation chairing. They will mark the first meeting of a new committee set up to monitor unusual price movements, competent authorities and trade and consumer associations will take part in it, the ministry said.

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