Covid situation worsening and could see the return of face masks

Italy’s health ministry publishes circular regarding Covid situation

Coronavirus News

The Italian health ministry on Friday published a circular recommending face masks and remote working if the Covid situation worsens. There is fear of the spread of new cases from China and as winter makes circulation conditions easier.

If the situation worsens, the circular said, it recommended the use of masks indoors, working from home and reducing mass gatherings. Improving indoor ventilation is another recommendation. The circular also mentions the intensification of fourth doses of the anti-Covid vaccine and an additional dose for certain risk categories.

The circular, called ‘Interventions in place for the management of the circulation of SarsCoV2 in the winter season 2022-23”, also provides suggestions to “prepare at regional level a rapid adaptation of actions and services in case of increased demand for assistance”.

Further recommendations include: strengthening surveillance systems and increasing genomic sequencing to detect new variants of the SarsCoV2 virus.

It will be essential “to ensure a volume of sequencing sufficient to monitor circulating viruses and the emergence of new variants, and an adequate diagnostic capacity of laboratories.” Therefore, it strongly recommends that in hospitals and emergency rooms, to collect samples for molecular testing, to “ensure in each region a minimum number of samples for genotyping”.

It is only two months since non-vaccinated nurses and doctors were allowed to return to work. This was due to a shortage of hospital staff.

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