World's heaviest cherry farmed in Italy

Cherry on the top for Italian farmers

By Region Environment News North-west Italy

Despite losing a lot of fruit to bad weather, Italy has beaten the record for the heaviest cherry twice this year.

The world’s largest cherry comes from an Italian farm just south-east of Turin. The huge (for a cherry) fruit weighed in at 33.05g.

Grown by Alberto and Giuseppe Rosso from Pecetto Torinese in Piedmont, the carmen cherry takes the prize for the world’s heaviest cherry from another Italian farmer.

The Rosso family have been growing cherries for more than a century. Alberto Rosso told la Repubblica: “For some years now we have noticed that our carmen cherries are Guinness World Records in size and this year we decided to do things right and called a panel of experts.”

Takes record from another Italian farmer

The previous record of 26.45g belonged to another Italian farmer in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna. He took the title in February this year.

The records are even more impressive as 2021 was a bad year for Italian cherries. One of out of every for was lost to bad weather, Italian farmers’ group Coldiretti told news agency Ansa.

“In spite of the bad year, Italy remains the main producer in the European Union, with almost 30,000 hectares cultivated, situated in Puglia, followed by Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto e Lazio,” the Coldiretti group said.

Carmen cherries known for their size

The ‘Carmen’ cherry is of Hungarian origin.  Bright red with a delicate and well-balanced flavour, it grows to an amazing size.

It has a sweet flavour and, while prone to cracking, the tree produces a lovely round fruit.

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