busts of Michelangelo on display in Accademia. Image by Russell McNeil via Flickr under creative commons license

All busts of Michelangelo on display in Florence

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On Tuesday (15th February), all nine busts of Michelangelo are due to go on display at Florence’s Accademia Gallery. The display runs until June 19th.

The nine busts of Michelangelo by his friend and pupil Daniele da Volterra will go on show on Tuesday.

The Accademia Gallery’s three copies will be in the company of one each from the Bargello and Casa Buonarroti and others loaned by foreign museums including the Louvre and the Musée Jacquemart-André  in Paris. The show runs until June 19.

The busts have been digitised and 3d-printed to analyse their make-up and differences.

Creator of busts of Michelangelo

Daniele Ricciarelli (c. 1509 – 4 April 1566), better known as Daniele da Volterra, was a Mannerist Italian painter and sculptor. He was a student of Michelangelo and best known as such.

Several of Daniele’s most important works were based on designs made for that purpose by Michelangelo. After Michelangelo’s death, Daniele was hired to cover the genitals in his Last Judgment with vestments and loincloths. This earned him the nickname Il Braghettone (“the breeches maker”).

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