Fifth worker dies of heat related causes. Image shows worker under the sun.

Fifth worker dies from heat-related causes

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A fifth worker dies of heatwave-related causes in Italy over the last two weeks. The 50-year-old man from Tunisia died on Monday, trade union CGIL said today.

The farm labourer keeled over and died after suffering heat stroke in a field at Montalto di Castro near Viterbo north of Rome.

CGIL urged authorities to raise measures to protect workers from the effects of the tropical temperatures that have hit Italy.

Heat protocol proposed

A protocol on heat risks and issues at Italian workplaces amid a series of heatwaves was drafted today.

“A shared protocol for the adoption of measures for the containment of occupational risks from exposure to high temperatures in the workplace,” said the 11-page draft. It addresses points ranging from the risk assessment and risk factors, related to age the presence of chronic diseases and tasks, to health surveillance and the reorganisation of shifts.

Included is the need for a risk assessment which considers factors of heat. The employer, on the basis of the risks, shall take action to “eliminate or reduce the direct exposure of workers to high temperatures or perceived high temperatures” by planning breaks, or carrying out activities on cooler days or times.

Workers threatened to strike over extreme heat in the workplace.

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