Silivio Berlusconi bribery case - one acquittal. Crédito editorial: M. Cantile /

Berlusconi acquitted of bung bunga parties bribery


A Rome court on Thursday acquitted Silvio Berlusconi of bribery surrounding his bunga bunga parties. A singer and friend of Berlusconi’s was also cleared of perjury.

On Thursday, a Rome court cleared Berlusconi of bribing a Neapolitan singer to lie about the his bunga bunga parties. The court also cleared the singer and friend of the former premier, Mariano Apicella, for alleged perjury.

After his and Apicella’s acquittals, Berlusconi said “I am happy and satisfied. I also appreciate that the public prosecutor himself asked for an acquittal.

“The elements put forward by the defence,” he added, “have clarified beyond reasonable doubt the absence of elements of opacity in this affair”.

Ruby Cases

The case was one of several regarding the alleged suborning of witnesses to the parties. Berlusconi has always said they were “elegant soirées”.

They all take their name from a Moroccan teen runaway and exotic dancer, Karima El Mahroug. She went by the stage name of Ruby Heartstealer and Berlusconi paid her for sex.

Judges found Berlusconi not guilty of paying for sex with a minor. They ruled the billionaire could not have known Ruby was only 17 at the time.

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Trials are still ongoing over several other strands of the Ruby affair. These include the alleged bribery of young women dubbed the ‘Olgettine’ after the upscale Milanese apartment block where Berlusconi housed them.

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