Portofino where an American tourist dies falling from balcony

American tourist dies after fall from hotel balcony

By Region News North-west Italy

A 43-year-old American tourist dies after falling from the balcony of a hotel in Portofino. He was there on holiday with his wife. The man, according to reconstruction, tried to lower himself to the ground after getting stuck on the terrace.

The man died instantly after a three-meter fall.

Yesterday, the man returned to the hotel after a trip and was spending the evening on the balcony of the hotel, in the company of his wife. At one point the two decided to go back into the room. However, they found themselves locked out of their room.

The two allegedly tried to call for help. At that point, the man climbed over a parapet and tried to descend from about three meters. It seems a tile he was leaning on gave way resulting in his fall. He died from severe head trauma.

Could have used a ladder

Roberto Tiraboschi, director of the Piccolo Hotel in Portofino, told ANSA the tourist could have used a ladder that is always leaning against the building at that spot.

“I don’t understand why he didn’t use it. It was enough to take it, place it on the balcony and go down. We always keep the ladder in that spot because we use it to go up to check the air conditioners”.

The couple arrived yesterday at 6pm at the hotel. “They took the room and shortly after they went out to go to dinner. When they returned, they asked us for a bottle of red wine, then the tragedy happened”, says Tiraboschi.

The couple is originally from California.

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