Eurovision first semi-final 2022

Eurovision first semi-final live tonight

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The 2022 Eurovision first semi-final is live from 21:00 tonight. Accusations of molestation by female volunteers at launch party have been denied.

Tonight, the 2022 Eurovision first semi-final gets underway. Hosted by Italy after they won the 2021 event, the contest is being held in Turin.

The line-up for the first semi-final is:

Albania; Latvia; Lithuania; Switzerland; Slovenia; Ukraine; Bulgaria; Netherlands; Moldova; Portugal; Croatia; Denmark; Austria; Iceland; Greece, Norway and Armenia.

Italy’s entrants – Mahmood & BLANCO – are already into the final.

The full lineup of participants can be found here.

Volunteers accuse acts of molestation

Some female volunteers at the Eurovision launch party said they were sexually molested by artists. The ‘Me Too’ Non Una Di Meno (Not One Woman Less) movement announced this on Tuesday. The launch party was held at the Reggia di Venaria outside Turin Sunday night.

Venaria town council has denied the allegations, made by the young women on social media. No complaints have reportedly been made to police, the Turin edition of Corriere della Sera reported.

“As often happens, the voices of women who experience violence are silenced, their accounts not believed and their experiences not listened to,” said Non Una Di Meno.

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