Photo by Vigili del FFuoco of low-speed train crash. Image shows the trains hit head on.

17 injured in low-speed train collision

By Region Central Italy News

A low-speed train collision between a Frecciarossa train and a ‘Rock’ regional train occurred on Sunday night. 17 individuals sustained minor injuries.

An investigation is currently underway into a low-speed train collision, which took place on the Bologna-Rimini line between Forlì and Faenza. Seventeen people on board received minor injuries.

Following the collision, rail traffic on the Forlì-Faenza line was temporarily suspended, as reported by Trenitalia in a statement on Monday. High-speed, Intercity, and regional trains were rerouted onto alternative paths.

A spokesman for national train operator Trenitalia told AFP there were only “minor injuries”, saying most were bruised. “It was a collision at very low speed,” he said. He added that an investigation was underway into what happened.

Firefighters’ released images depicting a head-on collision between the two trains, showing the front of the regional train remained undamaged.

Matteo Salvini, the Transport Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, affirmed that the injuries sustained were of a minor nature.

This incident comes on the heels of a recent train collision in Calabria, where two died after a train collided with a truck at a level crossing. This event prompted a national strike by railway staff advocating for enhanced safety standards.

In August, five railway workers died when struck by a train travelling at 160 km/h while repairing tracks at night. These incidents underscore the ongoing concerns and efforts to improve safety within Italy’s railway infrastructure.

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