glass barriers protect basilica in Venice

New glass barriers work in protecting Venice’s treasures

By Region News North-east Italy

An average-height acqua alta hit Venice yesterday. The new glass barriers installed around St Mark’s Basilica protected it from damage.

The precious mosaic floors in St Mark’s Basilica in Venice were protected by glass barriers for the first time Sunday as an average-height ‘acqua alta’ hit the lagoon city. At 95cm, it was under the 100cm-mark at which the MOSE flood barrier is activated to prevent the city flooding.

It was the first time that St Mark’s Square was under water whilst the church’s mosaics remained dry. The barriers are a temporary measure pending the long work of raising the pavement in the square.

But they worked “perfectly”, Venice officials said. The 95cm acqua alta had covered St Mark’s Square in 10 cm of water.

glass barriers protect Venice basilica from high waters

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