Curon village, usually only the steeple is visible

Flooded Italian village Curon emerges from lake

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Works at an Italian reservoir reveal Curon village, submerged for years.

Lake Resia, in South Tyrol, is being drained for works to be carried out on the reservoir. The lake is known for the steeple that remains visible all year round.

Locals are gathering to view the final traces of the village Curon. It was home to hundreds before it was flooded in 1950 to create a hydroelectric plant.

Photos on social media show cellars, steps and walls that are normally deep underwater.

Population displaced and village flooded

Lake Resia – or Reschensee as it is known in German – is in the Alpine region that borders Austria and Switzerland.

Authorities decided to build a dam and merge two nearby lakes in 1950. Locals objected, but the village of Curon was lost to the silent deep when more than 160 homes were submerged.

Some villagers moved to the new village created nearby, others moved further afield.

Curon village today

Curon village emerges

The lake is popular with hikers who come to view the church spire rising enigmatically from the waters. In the winter, it is possible to cross the frozen surface to the spire.

Luisa Azzolini tweeted it was a “strange feeling” to be walking amid the remains of the old village.

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