piazza de duomo where a police car hit pedestrians

Car careers into procession in cathedral square, Florence

By Region Central Italy News

This afternoon, a police car hit pedestrians during a religious procession in the Piazza Duomo, Florence. Nine people were injured.

This afternoon, at approximately 2.30pm, a police car hit pedestrians during a religious procession for the Peruvian community. Nine people were injured, including two girls.

Among the wounded were a 70-year-old who was transported to hospital under code red, and two girls of 4 and 7 years of age.

Also injured were five adult women and a 40-year-old man. The policewoman driving the car suffered minor injuries.

“The Lord of Miracles” procession

The procession commemorates “The Lord of Miracles” in Florence. It takes place entirely in the historic centre, mostly on pedestrian sections. The faithful depart from Borgo Pinti and reach the Duomo to receive the blessing from the head of the cathedral, then they go back.

For reasons yet to be ascertained, the car initially hit a cyclist before continuing on a few more feet. The car has been taken for technical investigation aimed at reconstructing events.

Co-founder of ItalyNews.Online, Sarah Cater, was just about to film the procession when the incident happened.

“I had taken a step forward to film the procession when suddenly there was commotion all around me. I heard cries and realised a car had hit other pedestrians. My first thought was it was a terrorist attack”, said Miss Cater.

“I turned around and the driver’s door of the car was only centimetres behind me. I appeared to be the only one on my side of the piazza still standing”, she continued.

“People went to help those on the ground, but the driver of the car was crying and saying her leg or knee was broken. I opened the car door and held her hand, comforting her until assistance arrived.

“She appeared to be in shock, as her leg did not seem broken. Once other police officers arrived, I stepped back.”

The commander of the Florence municipal police released a statement. “I am personally touched and deeply sorry for what happened.  And I express my sorrow and that of the whole Municipal Police Corps to the people involved, the injured and the agent who was slightly bruised”, declared Giacomo Tinella.

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